Body sugar hair removal hamilton areaWhat exactly IS Body Sugaring? Sugar hair removal is a temporary removal of body hair, similar in method as the ever-popular Waxing.

The history of Body Sugaring actually dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, Cleopatra herself! The women of that day and time considered a hairless body to be the standard of beauty & youth. Not so different than from today, judging by the popularity of hair removal, either temporary (i.e. waxing, sugaring, threading, tweezing) or looking towards more permanent hair reduction (laser, electrolysis).  All areas can be sugared, as in men’s back/ chest, women’s face, bikini, brazilian, underarms, etc….

There are essentially two methods commonly used in Sugar hair removal ~

* Strip Sugar hair removal involves using strips of cotton after a thin layer of Sugar is applied to the body area to be treated. In much the same process as the familiar Waxing method, this way removes the hair strip by strip, using Sugar instead of Wax as the hair removing element of choice.  It really is sugar, folks, with a little added lemon and water drops.  It’s so yummy and pure you could eat it!

Sugar Notes

(Notes to Self - Body Sugaring)

* The Hand Paste method is the one that most sets Sugaring apart, in my opinion. This is the method used at Amici Sugar Hair Removal. By using a thicker consistency of the Sugar product, a technician is able to directly apply the room temperature product by hand directly to the body area to be treated and, after smoothing it over the skin, the hair is gently removed using a flicking motion. This usually results in near-perfect root removal results right out of the gate. But, in case some hair is missed, we are able to go over the skin again as there is no risk of burning to the skin (as Sugar is not hot, like Wax). As well, the Sugar does not stick to the skin at all – all Sugar does to the skin is provide it with exfoliation, nothing more. The net result for most clients is a more gentle experience by far than with Waxing (a.k.a. less painful)!  🙂

Sugaring is now recognized worldwide as a, if not the number one, preferred method of hair removal over-all and certainly for temporary hair removal.

Who is sugaring for?

Everyone! – Men, women, athletes of all forms and description. i.e. swimmers, dancers; anyone in fact who desires to be hair free.

What exactly is the ‘Sugar’?

Sugaring is all natural, as we said earlier; only water, sugar and the juice from a lemon, it is so safe, natural and tasty, you can actually spread it on toast and eat it!

Hair as short as 1/16 of an inch can often be removed, eliminating the need to wait a long time for regrowth between treatments. This process is a great exfoliater for dry skin! Sugar paste does not stick to the skin, which makes this hair removal alternative less painful and less irritating. And the product is a great choice for the environmentally conscientious as well.

And here are points to keep in mind ~

* Sugar is applied at body temperature so your skin will not burn.

* Sugar does not stick to live skin cells. It removes hair and dead skin cells only, as mentioned earlier, with little or no discomfort to the skin.

* Sugar is more sanitary. Bacteria will not breed in sugar – sugar has been used to pack and treat wounds for thousands of years – so it is an excellent product for eliminating any fear of cross contamination.

* Sugar stays pliable. It supports the hair shaft gently and completely, removing it cleanly with less breakage than with Waxing.

* Since Sugar is so simple, it can easily be cleaned up with water leaving no need to pick at the residue later, like is often the case with Wax.

How it Works Best:

Skin should ideally be well exfoliated prior to your Body Sugaring appointment. Use a sea sponge, or any exfoliant product that has some grit. A light sponge will not do the trick, unfortunately. As well it is best to keep skin well hydrated between treatments, preferably using a water based moisturizer. No mineral oil, as occasionally the sugar product will not react well with the oil, causing the Sugar product to break down a little and be less effective in removing your hair.

Post-Treatment Points to Remember:

It is ok to workout before your Amici Sugaring appointment. Allow, though, at least 12-24 hours to pass after Sugaring because the exfoliation and hair removal opens your hair follicles, which allows sweat and dirt to enter that can irritate the skin. This is your decision of course, and some people’s skin is far more sensitive than others so this is for an individual to decide. Also it is generally recommended to wait 24 hours before exposing your skin to suntanning after Sugar hair removal. If you are sun burned, Body Sugaring that area is not recommended due to skin sensitivity.

There really is nothing like experimenting for yourself, so give it a try! If you live in the GTA area, around the Golden Horseshoe of Hamilton, Burlington, even Grimsby or Brantford… give us a call.  We have excellent pricing as well, so Sugar hair removal is an affordable option for you.

Amici Sugar Hair Removal

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