history of body sugar hair removal hamiltonOne of the questions I get asked frequently are around the origins of  Body sugar hair removal.  Who started sugaring and when?  We do have an idea of the answers to these questions,  the genesis is to be found in ancient times past.

Sugaring is a very old, longstanding  middle eastern art of hair removal. Sugar hair removal has been practiced in parts North and East Africa for thousands of years, actually – even Cleopatra is purported to have used this method. Women of those times did not have the modern day inventions of showers, soap as we have today and deodorants to keep themselves fresh and clean. They found it much easier to keep up with good personal hygiene if they removed their body hair, such as underarm, leg &  bikini hairs.  Of course, this left them feeling smooth, clean and much more confident about themselves, more attractive.  As a result of this it is now customary that when a middle eastern girl reaches around the age of 14 and up and, depending upon her particular culture, is beginning to be considered to be approaching the age for marriage readiness,  she is then sugared all over. Oftentimes the only hair she will have left on her body is the hair on her head, eyebrows and eyelashes!  It is enormously cultural for a middle eastern woman, from centuries ago and into today, that she is regularly sugared until after a period of time the hair growth diminishes.

Then sugar hair removal will happen, but less frequently. Any time is a good time for body sugaring, we specialize in all body areas for women and chest and back areas for men.  We are well experienced, Amici has been in business in Hamilton for 17 years. Check out our sugaring price list!