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When to consider Sugar hair removal?

Anytime is really the perfect time…. During winter, when the Sugarplums have gone for their famous long nap… we begin to dream of the beach ~  but any time of year is the right time to feel hair-free and care-free! These days there are so many wonderful and affordable vacation options out there, from all-inclusive island get-aways to the Caribbean, a Brazilian beach, Mexico, or many other dream locations all-the-heart-could-desire cruise ships with exotic locations, faaaar away from ice and snow!  😉 And to get ready…  remember Body Sugaring.

Though a truly ancient method of hair removal, it has been for many years largely eclipsed by the more common form of temporary removal – Waxing.  Revived as it has been in more recent years, it does still occasionally happen that a person contacts us who really has not heard much about the fabulous method of Sugar Hair Removal.  We offer 13 years of experience and extremely competitive pricing. There are ongoing discounts offered to regular clients, and most do find that there is permanent hair-reduction with ongoing treatments – yet another bonus!

Amici Sugar Hair Remover

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There is nothing quite like the soft smooth feeling of personal clean-up that getting rid of body hair affords!  With Sugaring, you get as gentle from-the-roots removal as possible, along with a body exfoliant.  Since Sugar does not stick to the skin as in waxing, (with no risk of accidental burning either) the effect does contribute exfoliation which greatly adds to the smooth, soft after-effect dearly enjoyed by clients.

Biodegradable, even edible, our sugar is as natural a substance as you can get. Very safe to use, sugar was once a common substance used to treat wounds and prevent infection.

We are a well experienced at home business and have been in existence since 1992 – with the current location in place since 1997 – specializing almost solely in Sugar Hair removal. We are located at 139 Limeridge Rd W, Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA. Please call ahead to book your appointment.

Body Sugaring is a great treat any time of the year, we have excellent, inexpensive pricing and it makes a wonderful gift. Gift certificates are available! Call anytime between 9am and 9pm to book an appointment!

Check out the post on your right for a detailed story on the many Benefits of Sugaring over its arch-rival Waxing.

The short story is right here, click on the image to enlarge ~

Sugaring Benefits

Call us to chat further or set up your first appointment.  For directions check out this page from MapQuest, it will be a good starting place to plot out your course from home.

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